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How about I take you
Along for the ride
Across the pearly gates
That wanders in your mind
Slowly the clouds are trying
To softly keep you by
And you wonder how you smile

Did I miss
When the world used to turn
For its moving on each time I learn
That if your upside down and still upset
Don't let it linger on 'cause you'll regret
That you're one-sided

Why won't you tell me
When did you start to cry
Have I taken part into a very startled kind
And now your disappearance
Has left you feel unchained
It sets you in a daze

The sun refused to change
The inner dial
Flip another side into your own style
For when November rain starts to come its way
Through each and every coming passing day
And now you're hiding

Sometimes I whisper
Sometimes I sleep
Sometimes I start to slip into a spoken dream
Sometimes it's better
To keep it all amused
Instead of being used

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