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"Down Under"

Can you hear the whistle blowing, towards ya
But it's not the sound
That you're looking for
And that lost sound
Has made you so insecure
Like a cold dark night
But don't go down under

Will you give a helping hand when needed
'Cause you got eyes
Just like mine
And with those eyes
There's a lot to handle
Like a long dark road
That won't know where you're going

So come along and sit by the fire
And the right mood will come knocking
But there's so much to choose
And so much to lose
So much to lose

Does your name have to find meaning
Or is there some pain
Left deep inside
And all the pain
Has left you so innocent
Like a cloud in the sky
But don't go down under

So don't go down
Down under
And leave me all so blue
'Cause when we meet again
We'll come back as friends
So don't go down
Don't go down
Don't go down, under

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